Welcome to Magpy

A Non-Coding Bot Platform for Multi-Chain Market Making with Account Abstraction

Magpy is 🤖 non-coding multichain/multidefi trading bot platform 🤖 that allows DeFi degens to build fully customizable trading bots with Trigger and Actions. Users can create your own bot by themselves and manage assets with secure environment, smart contract wallet.

Product Features

Once you start to build trading bots using Magpy, you can run your own strategic trading bots only in 2 min, and you can manage your assets. Check out the features of Magpy.

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Customer Benefits

Multi Chain/Multi DeFi

Magpy's scalable infra manages all your multi chain/multi DeFi Strategic Bots

No-Code & Customizable

No-code Platform enables seamless UX. Users create highly customizable strategy related Grid, MarketMaking, DCA, NFT, IDO, Liquidity Handling.

Account Abstraction

Smart Contract Wallet keeps User in complete control of assets & keys

How it Works


1. Account

The user create their smart contract wallet for Magpy.🖱


2. Trigger

Users create their own trigger using Market Data, Account Data, Position Data, Time Scale Data and Math function


3. Action

Users have access to 6 types of actions, OpenPosition, ClosePosition, SetVariable, CancelOrder, PauseRule, Bot


4. SAVE & RUN!!

Have you built your own bot that trades on multiple chains and multiple DEXs? With just one click, you can create, operate and run the bot!

Your personalised MagpyBot can be run with just one click


Chain Actions


Trigger Conditions


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